Dear Rowing alumni, family, and friends,

Winter Quarter Training. Just mentioning it brings back memories, doesn’t it? Memories of hard work on the lake and on the ergs to build team speed.

Winter training is critical and our coaches are sure of one thing: the key to success is mobilizing the entire team to train together, in one workout, all winter long. This means that crews need to hunker down and work hard on ergs from December through February.


One Workout, All Winter Long

What does this look like? It looks like 80 rowers on 80 ergs in one room at one time. It builds a sense of teamwork and augments the ability to train hard, particularly on the hardest days. It means Steady State workouts done on sliders, with five eights going at once. It means everyone pushing everyone else. Alyssa estimates that doing this work together can significantly improve the average an athlete’s 2K score over the course of the winter, putting the teams in a better position to dominate the spring competition.

Our Vision

We realize that with the recent push to increase the endowment, many alumni haven’t seen a place for them to give back to the team. But this time, it’s different. This time, you can affordably contribute to make a measurable impact.


Together, we’re asking you to pair up with former teammates and give ergs. A single erg costs $950, so partnering on this gift with one or two friends—or several—creates a reachable goal. The current seniors will also work hard to keep this going. They will work with their class to each pledge “one more Fall Quarter of dues,” asking each pair of their classmates to buy a new erg each year. With time, we will be able to regularly rotate ergs through the program.

Currently, we have 40 working ergs. Our goal is to be up to at least 45 by the start of winter training in January, and ideally more after that. We also want to increase the number of sliders we have so we can set up at least three “eights” of ergs at once.

The total we need for this, and to help with replacing old monitors, and some small reconditioning of older ergs, is $10,000. We’re already almost half way there with several generous gifts. Won’t you help us reach the whole goal?

Please help us develop speed and make UCSB the best club program in the country. Please contribute to this exciting and reachable goal by providing your gift today! Every gift of any amount is appreciated.

Thank you for your support and Go Gauchos!


Equipment Cost:

1 erg:                               $950    Goal: 5-10 ergs

1 pair of sliders:           $290    Goal: 10 pairs

1 PM5 monitor:            $180    Goal: 5 monitors

How To Give:

Giving online:

Donate by credit card through the UC Santa Barbara’s dedicated gift webpages established for UCSB Rowing:

For gifts for Ergs and other annual budget expenses webpage.

Please indicate 17ERG in the comment box.

For gifts to Fund the Oar endowment webpage

Giving through the mail:

To mail a check to the University, please download and complete our Giving Form. Designate your gift for UCSB Rowing and indicate 17ERG in the comments box. Please make your check payable to The UC Santa Barbara Foundation. You can mail your completed giving form and check to:

Susan Goodale, Senior Director

Office of Development
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2013

Please direct any gift related questions to Susan Goodale at or 805.893.3530.